A Beginning…


I’ve needed to start working on this process of documenting my phalloplasty process. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and have quite lofty ideas in terms of what I would like this documentation process to look like. That being said I don’t have the best of web designing skills (read: no skills) and so I guess I just have to start somewhere and eventually it will come together as something a little more pleasing to look at. I know along this process of deciding which lower surgery is right for me, I’ve had to sift through tons of information (some helpful, some not so much) and I feel an obligation to add to the resources currently available to those that are also on this path. Although my surgery is still just over a year away, there is much to be done in terms of preparing in the meantime. I think that the prepping is just as important to document to aide in helping others be as prepared as possible for what very well may be the most physically taxing experience they go through and biggest decision that they make in their life. But I believe there is an ideal way to approach such decisions and life transitions and I hope to share what that experience is going to look like for me.


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