Laser Hair Removal (Session 1)

Yesterday February 10th, 2015 I had my first official laser hair removal session using the Candela GentleMaxPro which is safe for use on all skin types.

Just to backtrack for a moment: I had a test spot done on my arm last month using a different laser (LightSheer Diode) but I was not impressed with the laser or the technician operating the laser. She admitted that laser was malfunctioning and a replacement was being driven down to her office that day and yet she still used the laser on me. The laser did end up leaving a small burn on my arm that remained for a couple weeks. I chose to not continue treatment with her or that laser after doing some further research online and thinking about the integrity of the skin that will eventually be used to create my phallus – the LAST thing I wanted was more scarring.

I ended up driving an hour an a half to a laser technician whom came highly recommended to me by a friend. The drive out there proved to be well worth it.  The treatment was very quick and did not require any gels applied to the skin to make the laser work as the LightSheer Diode does. The Candela GentleMaxPro however, was easily half as painful and twice as fast. The machine actually delivers a cool burst to the skin a micro second before the laser is applied so it helps in reducing discomfort. The other positive is that treatments are spaced 8 weeks apart whereas the other laser, the LightSheer Diode, was going to require monthly visits and I was quoted at needing 6-12 treatments.

My session was $125 dollars and I chose to remove all the hair on my forearm from my wrist (leaving the hair from my wrist bone up toward my hand) all the way up to my elbow. My thought process in this is that in the next year or so while I am preparing (read: desperately waiting) for surgery that having a consistent and even amount of hair removed from my arm will draw less attention than a patch of hair missing. I chose to leave the bit of hair on my hand because I plan on covering my entire arm (up to my wrist) with a tattoo a couple years post op once the skin/scar tissue is well-healed. Once that happens I want my hair growth to look symmetrical with my non-donor arm. In the meantime I will be shaving the small bit of hair on my hand to draw less attention to the rest of my arm that is lacking hair. Initially I was only going to remove the hair needed to create the phallus, but since my that consult last month and the test spot that was done with the LightSheer diode, I did notice that the odd patch of hair removal on my arm stood out quite obviously and in working with the general public, I noticed people noticing my arm quite frequently. Granted, one could still only remove the hair needed in the area to create the phallus and just shave a more even area until surgery if that helped you to feel more comfortable. Or maybe you won’t care at all about people noticing and that’s cool too! This is just the thinking I had in making this decision for myself. It was also easier than drawing out a pattern on my arm indicating where to remove hair and where to leave it. For me, it made the process easier.

The first picture was taken only minutes before my treatment in the office to show how much (or rather how little) hair I originally had on my arm. The second picture is just over 24 hrs since the treatment. Initially there was a bit of tenderness and the skin was pink and a bit raised near each hair folicle, but now it feels completely fine with no redness or swelling and the only difference aside from there not being any hair there now is that my freckles are darker from the treatment – which I was told would happen but then they would actually end up fading. Even if they don’t though, I’d be fine with having some freckles on my penis – it’ll give it character!

At this point the plan is to do 3 more treatments which was her estimation for what I will need since my hair is so fine and I had an ideal reaction to the laser and then we will likely finish up with electrolysis. My next treatment will be in April and I will update again after that session. At that time, I plan to include photos of hair regrowth since this treatment to show the effectiveness and progression of the hair removal/reduction.

02.10.15       02.11.15


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