Another BIG Milestone!!! (Health Insurance)

I found out last Thursday, April 16 that I am receiving the promotion that I’ve been aiming for in order to be eligible for health insurance through my employer. I knew this position was opening up about 7 months ago and I made it my TOP PRIORITY to prove to all my managers that I was the only person for the job and my efforts have paid off. My boss confided in me that even though she still has to post the position, that I will be receiving the promotion!

The company I work for only gives managers and department “leads” full-time positions and unfortunately they only offer healthcare benefits to full-time employees. This wasn’t always the case. A few years back when I found out that I was working for a company that had trans-inclusive healthcare coverage, the company announced that they were no longer going to be offering healthcare benefits to part-time employees. Before I was able to make surgery happen, I lost those benefits.

I’d rather not say where I work,  but I will say that our company has continuously received a top rating of 100% from the HRC Corporate Equality Index for many years and are listed within the Index. If you have not checked out the Corporate Equality Index, I HIGHLY suggest that you do. A few years back I stumbled onto the fact that I was working for not one, but TWO employers with a 100% rating (that rating equates to trans inclusive coverage, INCLUDING surgeries). It was finding this out that made my plans for surgery feel realistic and feasible. I think starting that conversation with an insurance company before you know you have coverage (and even when you know it already exists) can really be an anxiety inducing, nerve rattling experience. For me it just feels downright embarrassing even though the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t know me personally and will never meet me. But it’s still an awkward thing to call up and ask about coverage or start the process of getting pre-approval for coverage. So I can understand why so many folks are hesitant to do it, and might not even realize they have coverage to begin with. So many of us just assume we won’t be covered, I know I did.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to document this. I was crazy relieved when I got this news last week. It’s been a huge weight off my shoulders, even though I’m sure there are plenty more obstacles to come. I was going to be pursuing coverage through MassHealth as a backup plan if I didn’t end up getting this promotion. Either that or I was going to look for a full-time position elsewhere with health insurance since all Massachusetts health plans now need to cover trans-related care. The only issue with MassHealth is the amounts at which they are reimbursing which is the true issue…

To be honest I feel a bit guilty for not pursuing coverage with MassHealth because I know there are a lot of people in this position that are on MassHealth and need surgery. I would have liked to have been able to make that path a little easier for others to come, but I feel it would be unwise for me to forfeit this golden opportunity (that I seriously worked my ass off for) that is going to afford me trans-inclusive insurance and has Dr Crane listed as an in-network provider.

Even though I’m not making the process of using MassHealth any easier for folks, I hope that I can at least be a bit of inspiration for people to know that if you want/need this, you can for sure obtain it. I started from the “end” and have worked my way backward. I don’t know if that makes any sense but I started from the point of (1)employers listed high on the Corporate Equality Index, then went after the (2)position that would get me the (3)insurance with that employer. I just sat down and started asking myself the questions that were truly going to get me somewhere. I KNEW guys were having these surgeries covered by insurance and thought to myself: “This isn’t a RARE thing – this isn’t unattainable. These guys with coverage aren’t just lucky, there isn’t anything all that unique about their situations that block me from also making it happen for myself”… It’s the naysaying/negative mindset that will get you trapped into mistakingly believing that your life and your future must be different than it can be! There is so much potential there, you just need to use all your focus and attention to find the path that’s going to lead to where you need to go. I truly believe that this process has a lot of power in my life. Not just the fact that I need lower surgery for a better quality of life. But the fact that this is making me realize that I am able to manifest things in my life in a really big way. Things that I never thought were meant for me… If I can do this, I know that I can really go after and achieve whatever else in my life that I desire and believe in. It might sound corny, but it’s true for me.



  1. Wait a minute- Dr. Crane can accept Masshealth for phalloplasty!? Please answer as that is my insurance and I do pursue in phallo! Congrats by the way 🙂


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