United Healthcare Insurance Update

I found out some REALLY positive news yesterday! I have an amazing HR contact person that has helped me a great deal in finding out info on policies as well as advocating for me. I hadn’t reached out to her since I last had UHC back in 2012. Although my insurance isn’t active yet (it will be another month or so) I decided to reach out to her to see if she was even still working with the company. SHE IS!!! I checked in with her because last I knew the UHC policy I had was offering trans inclusive coverage with a 75k cap. I didn’t anticipate this being an issue until I spoke with Katrina back at the beginning of the year. She informed me that even though Crane quotes patient’s paying “out of pocket” at around the 90-100k price for surgery, this price is GREATLY reduced in order to make it “affordable” to people out of the US and folks within the states that don’t have insurance. But that the full price of the surgery is actually multiple 100’s of thousands of dollars and that even a surgery like top surgery might be like 7 or 8k “out of pocket” would be like $60,000 – $70,000 directly through insurance. So I asked her what cap would be acceptable and she told me there couldn’t be one… I was worried about exactly how this was going to play out with UHC. I could have contacted my HR person months ago, but to be honest I was really afraid what answer I might get about the cap and figured since I didn’t had the insurance back yet, if I did find out they still have the cap, I wouldn’t be able to make any appeals until I had coverage anyway. So for that reason I put it off. However, I finally asked yesterday about the cap and if it still existed and she said there is NO CAP!!! and that actually she didn’t even remember one existing. I’ll have to check my notes about all that because I believe is there was a cap 3 years ago. Regardless, there isn’t one now. So no dollar amount cap, plus trans inclusive coverage, plus In-Network surgeon is really the best scenario I could ask for.

When I received her email I was actually kind of stunned. I thought to myself: “what would it be like for this to actually be an easy process of getting coverage?” For soooo long I didn’t think insurance coverage would be something I would have, and granted I’ve lived through many years of not having inclusive coverage. Then even finally having coverage a few years back with UHC, I worked tirelessly for months trying unsuccessfully to figure out issues concerning an “out of network surgeon” (Meltzer at the time). Still though, THIS process happening now feels new, separate even from prior attempts and it’s going smoothly so far. I am equally parts grateful and equally parts proud of myself for manifesting this reality. Having this coverage did not come without intention. Last year I set very specific goals for myself and have truly hit the marks that I aimed for, each and every one. I am reminded that I am reaping the rewards of my hard work, focus and dedication and achieving my goals. Although this particular part of the process is feeling easy at the moment (health insurance specific), the reason why it’s an utter shock is because it hasn’t been easy getting here… But that isn’t important – what’s important, is that I got here.


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