Surgery Date Booked !!!

Possible(((Surgery date changed multiple times – final date is February 4th, 2016 in San Francisco, CA)))

Wow, I can’t believe I finally have a date! This all seems so unreal to me. I was just sitting down relaxing before bed and realized I had a missed called from an unknown number as well as a voicemail. I listened to the voicemail and it was Kelly from Dr Crane’s office. I was shocked because it was late – a few minutes before 10pm (I live on the east coast so there is a 3 hours time difference). I texted my buddy to let him know (since the two of us are having surgery the same week, we need to schedule together) then I gave her a ring back.

Kelly informed me that they were beginning to go through their lists of tentative dates that people had requested and are finally booking people for actual dates now that they know which days the microsurgery team will be working (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s). The only factor that is still up in the air is that even though Dr Crane is in-network with my insurance, they don’t know which insurances the actual surgery center is going to be in-network with just yet. They don’t anticipate it being different from the insurances they are in-network with in San Fran, but won’t know for sure until September or October. This has me feeling a bit nervous, but I’m choosing not to worry all that much about it. I’ve gotten to the point that I really do believe that things are going to work out, one way or another. Worst case scenario I will have to make a case for a coverage exception at a surgery center that is out of my network. ABSOLUTE worst case scenario, they deny it and I end up having to go to Dr Chen in San Fran. Although I feel the most comfortable with Crane (granted I haven’t met Chen), I would be fine going to Chen at this point if it came down to it. The main reasons being because I trust Crane’s judgement. It’s just that I prefer Crane as well as the Austin location.

I ended up patching my friend in on 3-way calling and we settled on February the 9th and the 11th. Kelly also started to talk a bit about pre-op appointments. So Crane isn’t around on Monday’s which means that pre-op for the surgery on Tuesday the 9th would need to happen either on the Friday before the surgery or the morning of. Personally, doing pre-op the morning of  just feels a bit rushed to me. Luckily, my buddy is totally fine with it, so instead of getting into town 5 days before surgery, we can just arrive a couple days before. He will have his phallo done on Tuesday the 9th and I will go on Thursday the 11th.

Kelly said that the surgery packet/paperwork will be mailed out to us 4-5 months before surgery. In the meantime she will be working on finding resources for folks while they are in the area – such as lodging, pharmacies, stores, transportation etc. I was able to find out that the address of the new office will be: 801 West 38th Street Austin, TX  and the hospital is going to be: Forest Park Medical Center. I am still a bit confused on the address of the surgery center though, because from everything I’ve Googled it looks like it’s in Round Rock, TX  which is about 20 minutes outside of Austin. This is confusing because Kelly told me the surgery center is less than a mile from the office. I’m going to have to confirm the address with her.

In the meantime… I HAVE A SURGERY DATE!!! Really, this just doesn’t feel real. I don’t know that any of it WILL in fact until I’m very much post-op. Because I never thought that I would get here, a small part of my deep inside feels like it’s just waiting for something to go wrong and snatch this dream away from me. I felt similarly in the time leading up to my top surgery. I was really anxious that my dreams would be dashed and something would get in the way. For anyone that’s reading this and feeling like this will never happen for you, PLEASE know… I was you. This was a distant dream that I truly didn’t believe was meant for me – money being the main factor that rooted me in that strongly held belief. But the truth is that this is a medically necessary procedure and it’s being treated as such more and more with each and every day that passes. If this is something you need, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE, this will indeed happen. Then, go out and MAKE it happen. It’s a powerful life affirming experience when you breathe life into your dreams – no matter what the dream is. That experience has the power to INform and TRANSform the rest of your life.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  ~ Socrates



  1. That’s amazing; congrats!! Also is it January 2016? I thought that Crane was booked for more than 1-2 years, but maybe I got my facts wrong.


    1. Yeah, Crane is scheduling about 9-12 months out at any given time. I had my consult with him back in January of this year which is when I was placed “in line” on the waiting list. I would have been given an actual date at that time but because of the move to Austin they didn’t have exact dates available yet. From the time of requesting the earliest consult date possible (back in October 2014) to actual surgery February 11th (I just was rescheduled today) I will have waited 16 months.


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