Health Insurance Finally Active!!

one stepI couldn’t let today go by without at least a quick post marking the profound greatness of today. I’ve have been working my ASS OFF, and focussing every bit of my energy to accomplish what today represents. My health insurance with trans-inclusive benefits went active today! ***massive sigh of relief***

The past 10 months I’ve have done nothing but work to make this my reality and it’s only shown me yet again that manifesting my dreams into reality is most definitely possible.

I am grateful as much as I am proud… I feel incredibly blessed to finally have insurance that will cover my much needed surgeries but it didn’t fall in my lap – I worked really hard for it. I’m glad I had to work for it because I feel like it can help others to know that it’s possible for them too. It didn’t come without sacrifice. I’m not working a job that I love. It’s not my soul path. It’s not passionate work for me. But it’s a temporary job that is a stepping stone to my accomplishing massively huge life goals and transition points that will allow me to go after even bigger dreams. Knowing how much this is helping me in the big picture makes the small picture that much easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

StepsFor anyone out there feeling hopeless and helpless, it happens by making just one decision at a time that gets you one step closer to where you’re heading. I’m still a long ways off from where I’m going, but it sure feels amazing to be on the right path.

So much love you all of you guys out there.

Don’t give up!!!


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