Starting Hair Removal for ALT

1stlaser.01              1stlaser.02

Yesterday I went in for my first laser hair removal treatment for my thigh. I have been doing treatments on my forearm from February-July (5 treatments) and by the time my surgery rolls around I will have completed 4 treatments on my thigh. Not ideal, but already the reaction I’m having on my thigh is NIGHT AND DAY compared to my forearm. I’m including a photo of my thigh for reference, but it actually looks even more red in person than it does in the photo. I’m actually really excited about the dramatic response because the hairs have definitely been targeted whereas with my forearm, it’s likely that the lasers was hitting some of the hairs but that much of the laser beam was actually targeting BELOW the root bed which makes it harder to clear the area when the roots aren’t as deep in the tissue.

1stlaser.03     1stlaser.04Forearm = shallow hair ….. Thigh = deeper hairs.

We’ll see what the coming months bring. Today is my birthday and also my exact 5 month mark away from surgery. To be in the 4 + months away, or 4 and change, as I like to call it, is really making things real. Some changes have come about in terms of what the original plan was for surgery. I did have a buddy that booked surgery with me and some things have changes with him and he’s no longer going to be having surgery the same week as me. He’s cancelled his date. But it turns out I know the person that’s taking his slot, so it’s pretty convenient given that I was really hoping to do this with a friend. I mean, in the end we take this on alone but it’s nice to have friends and loved ones along for the ride. I’ve asked a few close friends if they would accompany me. What I’m aiming to do is have 2 or 3 friends stay with me for 1 week at a time which would be a more reasonable timeframe for them to get off work as well as being a bit less overwhelming as compared to asking 1 person to do care-taking for an entire month when I’m in the area. That feels like it’s asking far too much.

There are very few people in my life that I feel I would be comfortable with having around me in such a compromised and vulnerable state, but I feel honored to have 3 amazingly dear friends of mine that have signed on to be with me during this time. I feel incredibly blessed. It was a big offer to accept from the first person that offered a week of their time, and it was an equally difficult request for me to make to the other two people. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about them being there. I do have fears of cis-bodied people seeing me immediately post-op, as supportive as they are. I am also worried about how they will react to my donor site. I do plan on having further extensive conversations (I’ve already warned them that it’s not gonna be pretty) with both folks that are cis about exactly what all this entails. I want them to know EXACTLY what they’re signing up for.

That’s all for now I guess… I did make a video of yesterday’s appointment and was able to film in the office during my treatment, but the video is being kept strictly within the confines of the private: “Youtube Phalloplasty” group, as that is where I feel comfortable posting these days.


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