2 Weeks Till Phallo

2 Weeks Till Phallo

Well, another week has past. Just 2 weeks left. Today marks the beginning of food and medication restrictions that become increasingly limited as surgery grows near. I have also begun taking Arnica.

Currently I’m waiting on the pre-registration process. I called last week and they informed me that the nurses we were calling people about 2 weeks out right now. They took my phone number and said they would likely call me this week, sometime after Monday, since it was a holiday. I won’t be surprised if I don’t hear anything from them till next week though.

My last day of work is next Thursday. So I have just 7 more days of work then I don’t return till the beginning of May. I plan on taking a full 3 months off to heal the best that I can. I absolutely don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize my healing process and I feel grateful to be in a position where my savings, and my job are conducive to making that happen.

The biggest thing that’s happened for me over the past week is just feeling more anxiety over my donor site choice. I have a huge fear of ending up with a tiny penis. I have small arms. I worry that I don’t have enough subcutaneous fat to really give me anywhere near the thickness that I desire which is solidly in the 5 inch girth range. On the contrary, I have never had a need to have a large dick. It’s just not something I feel compelled to have. I want something manageable (for me) but also to not go through these huge surgeries to end up with something that is difficult to penetrate with because of it’s small size.

So all that to say that there is still flip-flopping happening in my mind about which donor site I will end up using. What I DO know is that whatever the donor site ends up being, 2 weeks from now I’ll have a penis, and it will be mine, and I will love it.

In terms of lodging, I’ve had 2 Airbnb bookings cancel on me thus far! I’m not sure if this is a common experience because this is the first instance in which I am using the service. But it’s really unnerving to have what you thought to be stable housing plans, be pulled out from under you. My offer was accepted, I had paid and everything was set. The money ended up being applied to another booking, but still. You would think it was pretty final. So the place I have now is in Oakland and it seems set. I’m sure what I experienced with the two cancellations was a rarity. At least I hope it was. Either way, if you use that service for lodging, maybe just be mindful of other options available to you in case there is a need for a change in plans.

People keep asking me if I’m nervous. That’s a hard question to answer. Yes and No. I’m anxious for it to be here. My stomach is in knots – has been for well over a week now. But I’m not scared. It’s more that the waiting is really hard right now. I feel the energy in my body. Each week keeps seeming to go by faster and faster and yet, none of this feels real. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to be flying to California next weekend… But I am… The momentum is building and I’m sure my stomach will be even worse as the time gets nearer, but I’m ready. It will be a whole new experience being on the other side of all this. One that I can’t possibly imagine right now.


2… More… Weeks…





  1. Since you are worried about girth, is Crane able to provide a rough estimation of how much girth you’d get by looking at your arm and leg?


  2. How tall are you? Is it the length of your forearm or the fat on your forearm that is the issue? I want to use my forearm because of better sensation after healing. I’m 5’9 and I would say my forearm is about 8 inch I want a 5.5 / 6 inch phallus… Girth to me I would say I want average nothing too thick. I wonder if I could get that? Have any advice.

    Btw congrats man this all seems like a dream come true!


    1. It’s the amount of subcutaneous fat at the donor site that determines what your girth will be. I am concerned with there not being a ton of it present on my arm. Dr Crane is not worried about that said I would still be a reasonable size. He usually quotes lengths of 5-5.5 in long for RFF. However I know of one guy who got 6. I’m sure there are others but it doesn’t seem like the usual. You say your forearm is 8 inch. Do you mean in length? Are you measuring around the wrist? Up by the elbow??… And also, you say you want an average girth. What number do you consider to be average. Most people can reference length numbers and imagine it in their head, cannot do the same with girth. I’ve gotten really familiar with measuring random things around the house to see what girth I’m really interest in.


      1. I was thinking average girth is about 4 to 5 inches… Length that I would want is 5.5 at the smallest. So is Dr.crane saying that the more fat you have on your forearm the better results one will have for girth? I have about 24% body fat but plan to get that down and put on more muscle. Based off the information though that might not be such a good idea?


      2. The subQ fat is what makes your dick thicker. So yeah, the thinner you are the more likely you will have a thinner penis. 5.5 is usually the largest he quotes people. In the end they can’t know what they can definitely give you for length till they open you up and see where things branch. That’s what will ultimately determine your length. I size it a top priority you might consider a different donor site. It’s certainly worth a consult though to see what he says about your desired measurements.


      3. When I say length I was talking about from wrist to elbow. However, that may not be accurate as I based it off my shoes size which is size 8 in male. I’ve heard that forearm length and foot size are similar. I’ve never measured the size of my forearm. I’m wondering if I put muscle on my forearm would that be better to obtain a better girth size, hmmm?


      4. More muscle usually equates to less fat. The fat is what is going to give your penis bulk, not muscle. No muscle will be harvested. A body builder would likely end up with a thinner penis than an average joe with smaller muscles and more subQ fat.


      5. Well I’m not over weight and deff don’t super buff I’m an average guy who wants an average penis size… I also want good sensation too. I hear using the thigh as donor site leaves with not so good sensation. Ahhhh this can get messy . Thanks for your responses. Good luck and let us know what donor site you end up choosing.


      6. The thigh usually is a typically a very close second to RFF – and in some circumstances gives better sensation than some guys with RFF. So there are certainly variables to consider.


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