13 days post-op, follow-up appointment

Crane instructed me to start plugging my catheter today, and to try to pee on Friday. I had thought I would wait longer to use my UL but everything has healed really fast. If I have leaks on Friday I’ll stop peeing from the phallus and wait another week or two for more healing to take place. I get my glans done one week from today by Chen at CPMC and then home the following day. I had to wait on the glans because of scarring on my wrist from a surgery when I was younger…


Thigh is doing well. ZERO pain there, just very slow to peel away – Started trimming the edges two days ago.


(Left Photo: Inner Thigh – Right Photo: Outer Thigh)

I have been experiencing shooting electrical shocks at the point of of my pre-phallo penis. It feels like it’s at the tip of my original glans.It’s odd and started at about 3 days post op. It’s my understanding that this sensation is nerves firing off and beginning to find their way again before growing into the phallus.

When I have my glansplasty done next week Crane said they will take a full thickness graft from my groin, the opposite side that they did the nerve hook up on. I had been under the impression that for “2nd stage” glansplasty that they take it from the upper thigh, but I guess not. This will all be done under a local anesthetic at CPMC.

Not too much else to report. I’m healing well. The severe bruising and swelling that I initially had in my scrotum has drastically improved. I am still dealing with an eschar that is sloughing it’s way off but each day it looks better and better. I’m honestly shocked at how incredibly natural my scrotum looks, I love it. Will be out of this world once I get my testicular implant and the pump in 9 months or so!

My arm is doing really well, the graft is taking, and my fingers are capable of doing A LOT! Started hand therapy Monday at Hand Therapy of Oakland & El Cerrito. They were wonderful and are experienced with free flaps so it wasn’t awkward and I trusted that they knew what they were doing. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get a jump on O.T. before returning back home. Even if just to check in with and get some instructions from folks that are familiar with this surgery. I felt welcome, respected, and comfortable.

The scar near my elbow where they took the leash of nerves and artery is a bit sore – mostly when I extend my arm out all the way. This is part of what I’m working on in OT. It appears that there were no sutures used at this location, only glue.


If you have any questions or if there is anything I missed feel free to ask.



    1. The black is dried blood, the yellow underneath is Zeroform. After they harvest the split thickness graft from your leg to cover your donor site they cover it with Zeroform then wrap you with an ace bandage. A couple days after surgery they cut the ace bandage off and then dry out the Zeroform that’s covered in blood with a machine that blows hot air at it for a few days. This dry blood encrusted bandage then allows the skin underneath to heal until it peels off like a big scab. That’s all it really is, a gigantic scab.


  1. Looking good! Keep your mind busy, being stagnant activates cabin fever–watch jeopardy with friends or family or play board games–and I’ve made the mistake (more than once now) of pushing too hard too fast. You’ll be back in the game in no time! Sending good vibes your way 🙂

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  2. Looking great bro! Wow at barely 2 weeks things are healing very well. Curious- with the RFF, how many days was your arm immobile? Are you able to wiggle your fingers and bend your elbow after a couple days? Why didn’t they suture the arm/elbow area? Sorry for the questions. It’s fascinating and exciting! 🙂


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