My Phalloplasty Timeline

I thought it would be helpful to see all the things that took place leading up to surgery and between surgery stages. The ABRIDGED list is nice to see in terms of when actual surgery dates were and which procedures were done and by whom. But this process is far more involved than that list would have you believe. I have purposely left out insurance back and forths in this UNABRIDGED list because it would have made it even more obnoxiously long than it already is. However, it’s worth mentioning that I started this timeline when I began my hair removal process because I wanted to track just how long and how many hours it took. I quickly realized while fighting to get my hair removal covered (which oddly enough was already listed as a covered benefit) that keeping notes of who you speak with about what, and on which day when it comes to anything insurance related was really helpful.

           I will continue adding to this list since I am still in the process of finishing up the last little bit of electrolysis, as well as laser tattoo removal, and I will be doing medical tattooing (veins & shading) on my penis hopefully in the beginning half of next year. 

Abridged Phalloplasty Timeline:

March 15th, 2012 – Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy – Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy (((LAVH-BSO))) w/ Dr Yvonne Gomez-Carrion @ Beth Israel Hospital, MA

January 6th, 2015  Phalloplasty Consultation with Dr Curtis Crane in San Francisco

February 4th, 2016  RFF Phalloplasty, urethral lengthening, vaginectomy, & scrotoplasty @ California Pacific Medical Center w/ Dr Curtis Crane, Dr Safa & Bunke Team

February 19th, 2016 Delayed Glansplasty (due to previous scar on wrist) w/ Dr Chen @ Greenbrae Surgery Center, CA

June 20th, 2016  Revision and Fat Grafting w/ Dr Chen @ Greenbrae Surgery Center, CA

October 11th, 2016  Stage 2 (Semi-Rigid Rod, & Testicular Implants) w/ Dr Chen @ Greenbrae Surgery Center, CA


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Unabridged Phalloplasty Timeline:


03/15/12 – Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy – Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy (((LAVH-BSO))) w/ Dr Yvonne Gomez-Carrion @ Beth Israel Hospital, MA

09/26/14 – Sent an email to the offices of Brownstein & Crane seeking info on Phalloplasty

10/01/14 – Received information about phalloplasty via email

10/01/14 – Requested to schedule an in person consultation with Dr Crane

10/14/14 – Scheduled consult w/ Crane in SF for January 6th, 2015

01/06/15 Consultation with Curtis Crane in SF

02/10/15 1st laser hair removal session on forearm ($125)

03/06/15 Attended New York presentation through CK Life featuring a presentation and informal consults with Dr Loren Schechter

03/19/15 – Called office and confirmed I’m #9 on the waitlist to be scheduled for surgery

04/07/15 2nd laser hair removal on forearm ($125)

04/16/15 PROMOTED! New position, full-time, & trans inclusive healthcare benefits

05/20/15 Set date for surgery 01/28/2016

05/22/15 Surgery rescheduled for 2/11/16 because of Crane being out of town the first week in February.

05/26/15 3rd laser hair removal on forearm ($125)

06/04/15 Office confirmed receipt of letter with 2 signatures, and hormone letter. ALL CRITERIA MET for insurance company!

6/13/15 1st electrolysis session on forearm (45 min @ $65)

07/14/15 4th laser hair removal on forearm ($125)

9/9/15 2nd electrolysis session on forearm (45 min @ $60)

09/16/15 3rd electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @ $70)

09/19/16 Dr Crane called to inform me that Arise medical center in Texas cancelled all his cases and is refusing to let him perform surgery there. Surgery has now been rebooked for February 4th, 2016 in San Francisco at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).

09/21/15 4th electrolysis session on forearm (30 min @ $60)

09/30/15 5th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @$70)

10/05/15 – 6th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @$70)

10/14/15 – 7th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @$70)

10/19/15 – 8th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @$70)

10/26/15 – 9th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @ $60)

11/04/15 – 10th electrolysis session on forearm (2hrs @ $140)

11/11/15 – 11th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @$70)

12/12/15 – 12th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @$70)

12/21/15 – 13th electrolysis session on forearm (45 min @$65)

12/22/15 – 5th laser hair removal on forearm ($125)

01/05/15 – Pre-Op Bloodwork

01/18/16 – 14th electrolysis session on forearm (1 hour @ $75)

01/25/16 – Pre-Registration for surgery – 40 min phone call

02/02/16 – Pre-Op w/ Dr Crane and nurse at Greenbrae Surgery Center

02/04/16 – SURGERY DAY! RFF phalloplasty w/ urethral lengthening, vaginectomy, & scrotoplasty

02/9/16 – Discharged from hospital! Doplar wire, foley catheter, scrotal JP drain, and wound vac removed.

02/17/16 – 1st Post-Op Appointment

02/19/16 – Glansplasty w/ Dr Chen (this was a delayed procedure done separately from stage one because of a scar from a previous surgery) @ Greenbrae Surgery Center.

02/23/16 – Peed for the first time! Small urine leak coming from scrotum. Decided to continue using SP for voiding a bit longer rather than my penis to allow for more healing time.

02/24/16 – 2nd Post-Op Appointment

03/06/16 – Urine leak closed up on it’s own

03/07/16 – PCP removed SP Catheter

03/09/16 – First orgasm post-op

03/24/16 – Appointment w/ Dr Roger Lefevre (trans-friendly), a urogynecologist in Boston regarding opening along perineum where the vaginectomy was performed. He gave me gauze and instructed me on how to pack the wound in order to aid with faster healing.

04/04/16 – Returned to work (1 month sooner than expected)

04/28 – 1st electrolysis session on penis (1 hour @ $100)

05/19/16 – 2nd electrolysis session on penis (20 min @ $45)

06/20/16 – Fat Grafting & Revision Surgery – sebaceous pockets on scrotum removed, opening on perineum closed, urethral cystoscopy to check for stricture (no stricture, but found a small ridge at connection points which is fairly common), & fat grafting w/ Dr. Mang Chen @ Greenbrae Surgery Center

06/23/16 – Post-op Appointment w/ Dr Chen @ Greenbrae Surgery Center

07/07/16 3rd electrolysis session on penis (30 min @ $50)

07/25/16  1st laser tattoo removal session ($200)

08/04/16 4th electrolysis session on penis (20 min @ $45)

08/06/16Started taking Flagyl which my PCP prescribed for a light urethral discharge I was experiencing that had a foul fishy odor.

08/08/16 – Discharge and odor completely resolved!

08/25/16 – 5th electrolysis session on penis (15 min $30)

09/12/16 – 2nd laser tattoo removal session ($200)

09/15/16 – 6th electrolysis session on penis (10 min $20)

09/22/16 – Labs (Urine culture) for Stage 2 surgery

10/11/16 – Stage 2 Surgery (Semi Rigid Rod & 2 Medium Testicular Implants)

10/18/16 – Dr Safa Appointment @ CPMC (Questions about donor arm hypersensitivity)

10/20/16 – Post-Op appointment w/ Dr Chen @ Greenbrae Surgery Center

10/31/16  3rd laser tattoo removal session ($200)


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